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Providing easy to use solutions to complex web sites using Linux and Open Source

About Us

Snowy Owl is a group of industry veterans that like to take on the challenges of the business world. We have worked on projects ranging from a few days to a few years for companies with revenues under 100K to multi-billion dollar enterprises. We find that the key to success is to focus on applying today's best technologies to today's business needs with a sharp eye toward finding the right fit at the right price.

How many times have you found yourself in the position of having spent most of your budget buying a product or products that don't quite do what you need? There you are, left unable to cover the cost of making the modifications necessary to meet your business needs. So much for that business plan. Or alternatively you may have found that you did a great job of saving money buying the product you need for the plan but then find that it simply is not possible to make it do what you need, no matter how much money you could throw at it.

We have been in those same shoes. We have felt the pain. We can help you avoid getting stuck in that situation.

Our approach to helping you takes the approach of making the most of what you already have and then building on it. Our depth and breadth of experience allow us to use your existing staff, infrastructure, and technology to accomplish things that the product vendors will say can't be done using their products. Sometimes you do need to buy something new with better features, but not always. We know how to tell the difference and guide you along so that you don't have to learn the hard way.

While we can use a wide variety of technologies to help our clients we tend to focus on the use of Open Source technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails. (The so-called LAMP stack.) By building on these technologies we provide our clients with maximum value. By not having to purchase licenses for your foundation technology you obtain a faster return on investment (ROI).

We research the best solutions for you rather than pushing one of a handful of 'favorites' as a solution. We provide 'best-fit' solutions carefully selected from the abundance of Open Source packages available so that your business goals are met effectively at the right price.

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